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Simone Croezen, Benedikt Goderis, Marietta Haffner, Pepijn van Houwelingen, Evert Pommer, Lisa Putman, Michiel Ras, Debbie Verbeek-Oudijk, Cok Vrooman and Isolde Woittiez

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Goderis, B. (ed.), 2015. Public sector achievement in 36 countries: A comparative assessment of inputs, outputs and outcomes. The Hague: The Netherlands Institute for Social Research | SCP.

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The Netherlands Institute for Social Research | scp was established by Royal Decree of March 30, 1973 with the following terms of reference: a to carry out research designed to produce a coherent picture of the state of social and cultural welfare in the Netherlands and likely developments in this area; b to contribute to the appropriate selection of policy objectives and to provide an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the various means of achieving those ends; c to seek information on the way in which interdepartmental policy on social and cultural welfare is implemented with a view to assessing its implementation. The work of the Netherlands Institute for Social Research focuses especially on problems coming under the responsibility of more than one Ministry. As Coordinating Minister for social and cultural welfare, the Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport is responsible for the policies pursued by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research. With regard to the main lines of such policies the Minister consults the Ministers of General Affairs; Security and Justice; the Interior and Kingdom Relations; Education, Culture and Science; Finance; Infrastructure and the Environment; Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation; and Social Affairs and Employment


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